Stopping by a police officer on suspicion of "driving under the influence of driving" is not the best time of your life. In fact, these traffic disruptions can result in very serious DUI costs. Initially only you and the officers standing on the side of the road. Every step you take is logged and everything that happens is used against you by the legal system. Criminal defense lawyers should be licensed and you should find a qualified DUI attorney to represent you immediately.

After you are stopped, the officer will most likely be asked to take a field awareness test. If you agree to the test, you are subjected to a series of movements and asked to blow into a machine that measures your blood alcohol level. If the officer finds that you have failed this test, you will be immediately arrested. If you still refuse to take the test and get charged, there is still a high risk of losing your driver's license and more.

The wheels of the justice system spin very fast when you are charged under the DUI Act. For example, you need to know the 10 day DUI rules. According to this rule, you have exactly 10 days to plan a trial during which you can fight for the right to keep your current driver's license. If you miss the deadline, your license will be automatically suspended. This applies to you regardless of whether you took the awareness test when you were arrested. If you decide to use a DUI lawyer during this time, he can treat you.

If you ponder the idea of introducing yourself and making a decision, either not arguing or not guilty of the accusation, you risk losing more than you think. While attorneys require fees, the penalties for DUI in these cases are very high so it is worthwhile to find a qualified DUI attorney to fight this fight on your behalf.

The DUI laws are complex and there are constant changes in the law that make it impossible for ordinary people to establish solid protections. If you do not know your legal rights, you will be punished based on the evidence the state has against you. Penalties mean facing heavy fines, having your license revoked for a period of time, being forced to use mandatory car keys, and possibly even going to jail. And if you are found guilty of this crime, unfortunately it will remain in your archives forever.


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