The art of wedding photography is accurate and refined. It takes more than good equipment and dedicated work to capture the atmosphere of the wedding and create extraordinary portraits of the bride and groom, family and relatives, and wedding guests.

If you are approaching your first marriage, this is probably the least scary time. Here is a list of some tips for professional event photography in Melbourne.

Great Event Photography Tips In Melbourne

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1. Be prepared. Have a list of all the important people to carry with you throughout the day so you are sure you won't miss any of the weddings. A list of group photos agreed with the bride and groom before that day is also mandatory.

2. Get your gear right. Have at least two camera bodies in case one break, as well as your lens and flash. Replacement batteries and memory card required. A good lens may even be more important than the camera body, and when it comes to the best lenses for wedding photos.

3. Shoot as many combinations of people as possible. The bride with every bridesmaid, then all together, the bride with her mother, then with her father, then with her mother and father. You stand a much better chance of selling more photos this way and making good memories.

There are a lot more ideas out there, but it's an excellent starting point to make your first or second wedding easier. Good luck.

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