Laying sod is one of the perfect solutions for many problems. For example, if you think your lawn needs a face-lift, sod laying is the solution. You could otherwise use it if you want to add more grassy space in your yard. Sometimes you want to grow grass fast in your lawn where sod laying could offer you the appropriate solution.

At first, you need to remove the old lawn, and only after that, you could lay the sod. In order to maintain your lawn well, you can get the paragon garden and landscape services.

You can skip this step if you are covering the garden area that is just soil. There are many ways to remove your present lawn. A most common way is to dig out the grass using a shovel thereby exposing the soil.

This option is cost-effective, however, is time-consuming and complex. Another option is to implement a sod cutter for removing grass along with roots easily and quickly. You can strip an extended area of grass lawn very fast than when you use a shovel.

Along with this, the clean-up process is easier because the sod cutter creates large chunks that can be picked and rolled up quickly. Sod cutters are available at rent from any local rental service. Turf laying comes in handy for many problems.

Once you have removed your older lawn and exposed the soil, ensure that all grassroots have been removed and the turf is clear of debris. You may use equipment like a rototiller for breaking up the turf soil for providing the best possible base surface for your new lawn.

You may rent a rototiller from a local rental center. This is the perfect time for laying fertilizer because during the tilling the fertilizer will be properly mixed up with the soil.

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