Cybercrime has increased in the past and many cases have been reported repeatedly. And the saddest thing that happened was that the severity of the attack was getting worse as more and more attacks spread to internet users. 

For many people and companies alike, the question remains how best to continue to improve cybersecurity and, in particular, stop this wave of crime altogether. Concerns and fears arise for all interested parties on the Internet because of the wealth and information they can convey especially on the Internet. 

Cybersecurity services are the highest when the transfer of wealth and information is highest. Systems are constantly exposed to many security vulnerabilities, and this is consistent with the many external threats that have been identified and continue to exist today.


It is said that for every new technology there is always an opportunity for crime and this partly explains the various criminal activities observed in today's cyber world. Cybercrime is increasing and increasing every day. 

Cybercrime can be defined as activities that are criminal and unethical in nature and are facilitated by the use of computers or the use information technology.

These crimes are denial of service attacks, where the network is overloaded, someone is portrayed in a computer system, files and documents are stolen for various reasons, money and services are stolen, data is intercepted, websites are hacked, and ultimately create and distribute Malware. These are just a few examples of cybercrime, all of which have different and devastating consequences. 


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