Now the internet has emerged as an important source of data, mostly in the form of unstructured data. And the internet is also a dynamic source of information of interest to researchers from various regions.

Now all of this data is unstructured, i.e., redundant data, with some paraphrasing, easy to understand due to the fact that they are repeatedly paraphrased, some paraphrased will be much easier to understand with a broad scope.

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How can one gather useful and related information from the huge database of the internet? This can be achieved by a method known as web scraping and web extraction. It can be an application and a service. Most of the people use data scraper for this purpose.

Web Scraping/web extraction basically refers to the process of transformation is not structured into a suitable form which can be stored in a database or spreadsheet. Human simulation eliminates web is browsed websites and captures the data but is faster, more accurate and far more efficient.

Web Scraper attempts to automatically recognize the structure of the page data or provide a recording interface that eliminates the need to code web-scraping manually writing, or some function of scripting that can be used to extract and transform content, and database interface that can store data scratched in the local database.

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