Florist sells flowers and makes bouquets according to customer taste and preference. The florist will get the fresh flowers imported from other states or countries and makes them beautiful by arranging them in order as a bouquet.

The cost of the bouquet will depend on the flowers used to make it. If the bouquet or bunch of flowers is with good smell and beauty they will have a good price in the market and they will be liked by most of the customers. In general, customers prefer to purchase fresh and blossomed flowers with attractive designs.

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 People prefer bouquets to present their beloved ones on special occasions or moments like birthdays, marriage functions, anniversaries and retirement wishes, etc. florists make bouquets in order to grab the attention of customers at first look so as to purchase them at any cost.

With the advent of features and developments that happened in the internet era, it becomes possible for florists to upload their designs on their website in order to grab the interest of customers online. Florists also have taken a step towards growth by providing online purchase options for their customers.

Customers can visit the website and choose their desired design by viewing the image and orders from the website itself. Florists provide both online and offline payment methods for the customers to provide ease of access through payment gateways using credit and debit cards.

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