Maintaining a fence can be frustrating if you are not sure how to clean the fence. Whether you are looking for tips on cleaning vinyl fences, wooden fences, chain fences, or steel and aluminium fences. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about proper fence maintenance. 

Some reasons why you need to clean your vinyl fence are dirt and/or grass from the floor that has piled up on the fence because grass, leaves or other debris are cut after storms and are rare; You will see that chalk builds upon the 'vinyl fence' (which is also known as 'clture en vinyle' in the French language). This cause is not important and is easy to clean, as explained below.

Most vinyl fences can be cleaned very easily just by spraying the fence with a water hose. However, if there are some hard spots that don't care about the water hose, just follow the method below and your fence will look new every time you clean it!

To prepare for cleaning your vinyl fence, you must decide whether you want to use a bucket of soapy water or vinyl cleaning solution (available at your local hardware store) or a combination of both. When using a bucket of soapy water, fill the bucket with the desired amount of water and mix an environmentally friendly cleaning solution into the bucket. 

After taking the bucket of soapy water, all you have to do is moisten a soft cloth with cloth through the water in the bucket and wipe the area of the fence that needs to be cleaned. If you use a spray bottle with a vinyl cleaning solution, simply spray the area of the fence to be cleaned and wipe it with a soft dry cloth. After you clean the fenced area, rinse with a water hose and let the air dry.

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