O-2 visa is given to support staff and assistant of O-1 visa holders, who have extraordinary ability in the field of film industry, athletics and the arts. However, O-2 visa does not apply to staff or people who accompany the individual with the O-1 visa for an event or work in the fields of business, science and education.

If you're in the NZ or outside the NZ but wants to prepare and submit O-2 visa petition, you can do it yourself or request for visa assistance or even an immigration lawyer to help you complete the necessary procedures. You can check out electronic travel visa authority for getting more knowledge about visa services.

To become eligible for O-2 visa, you need to prove that you are an integral part of the event or performance when you have the critical skills required for the O-1 visa holders and can not be met by hiring someone else. Individuals who helped O-1 visa holder needs to have a relationship with their joint production or work stands will be done inside and outside of the NZ and their participation is needed. O-2 visa is valid for a term or period of O-1 visa holders are legally valid.

However, small children and a couple of O-1 visa holder can accompany with O-3 visa but the O-1 visa holder must file on their behalf while dependents must prove the relationship. Although dependent on the O-3 visa can learn, they are not legally authorized to work there.

However, O-2 visa petitions must be put in by the US employer or through a US agent who need to file Form I-129 that is needed by Citizenship and Immigration in the area where you intend to work. This particular USCIS Forms must be filled at least six months before the work should be started.

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