The photographic industry has become a massively bloated place, full of thousands of photographers each one claiming to be perfect for you and your brief. The truth is that this industry is broken down into many unique genres and although some of these photographers may claim to be Jack of all trades, precious few if any can truly claim to be master of every niche market.

Not only is it necessary for each of these trades to possess a very unique skill set but even the photographic equipment that they must invest and become proficient in varies immensely. Also, the photographers' personal attributes play a huge role in determining what kind of specialism they opt for.

You may contact Bangkok photographer for any kind of photography project as they are skilled in dealing with this 'domestic' market are should possess well developed and natural 'people' skills that help set their clients at ease and form a good rapport.

Within this industry, you'll discover a wealth of different styles and approaches from the traditional through to the more gritty reportage photojournalist feel.

Before undergoing the practical side of researching a suitable photographer for your brief it is therefore recommended that you try to at least roughly pinpoint the area of specialism that you require. The two main areas of professional photography and their related subfields are as follows:

The Commercial Sector. A totally different industry to the more 'domestic' one highlighted above and one that is predominantly concerned with serving the needs of the business sector, whether this be through a design/advertising agency or via the business direct.

Not an industry that the general public will come into contact with that often unless of course you are either involved in the creative industry or are responsible for the marketing of your company. Within this commercial sector exists a myriad of sub-genres and niches and within that countless different styles and approaches.

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