Cloud infrastructure often consumes more computing power than most local networks. The main factor that determines the speed of a cloud-based network is the internet bandwidth between the users and the host location of the cloud network. 

Providing sufficient bandwidth for a cloud server support network is essential for maintaining efficient levels of performance. Here are the factors to determine the concepts of cloud infrastructure:

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They are less secure than local networks –

Many companies are concerned about the transmission of proprietary data over the Internet in cloud-based networks. Private clouds can be equipped with the same security protocols as LANs, and almost all of them use some form of encryption to communicate between local and cloud users.

Any application can be hosted on a private cloud –

Many applications are not compatible with cloud networks or require an updated version to work in the cloud environment. IT managers should check the compatibility of all network applications before designing a private cloud.

They are less adaptable or scalable than LANs –

The cloud infrastructure can be customized in many of the same configurations as a LAN. Whether companies use grouping, remote archives, custom applications, or other elements, cloud-based networks can support multiple configurations and can be customized to meet enterprise needs.

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