The main factor is child security while buying a play yard for a baby. Design improvements in the last few years have accounted for the avoidance of a high number of accidents and deaths which used to happen because of fewer and lower security criteria.

It's a great practice to buy a play yard with the most recent release date. Do not buy used infant yards, or older version hand-me-downs, as more recent versions might not be safe for your kid. It's usually safe to use a play yard from a former infant if the kids are close in age and the item was not used regularly. You can search for baby play yard from

It needs to be scrutinized to make sure it is in good, usable condition, without any harm to net railings or sides. Most manufacturers of infant furniture create great or excellent play yards. 

Even in case you've got a babysitter, play yards can be very useful. If you come home after a difficult day on the job, how do you feel when you find out your kid playing in the play yard with toys in her or his hand? Is not it adorable? Over that, it's a feeling of gratification for parents.


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