A camping tent is the most important equipment you will need for this will provide protection and ensure your safety while you are outdoors. Since the camp here again and you need to check out the new tents to replace your old ones, here is an overview of the three basic tents for camping.

Of the three, the A-frame is the most traditional camping tent designed. You can also buy good quality and best army tents for outdoor camping.

A-frame derived their name from the basic structure featuring two poles that form a triangle placed at both ends of the tent; the central pole was also placed in the top two triangles to provide additional support for the tent material itself. Although this tent easy to build, they may not withstand windy conditions.

In terms of structure, the cabin is supported by a jointed pole system that can be easily assembled and disassembled when needed. Cabin tent for camping, though heavy, providing unmatched floor space and usually have high ceilings that help create a wider interior. Meanwhile, in terms of size and weight, the tent cabins are larger and heavier.

It is suitable for large family campers who want to camp together but also need some privacy and individual areas for each of the members.  The reason why the dome tent is popular among campers is that they are lightweight and can be easily moved from one location to another without having to dismantle the whole thing.

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