Do you have to divide your piles of paper into three or four piles so you can cut them? Or if the piece of paper you have rough, uneven edges? If so, you may use a guillotine paper cutter to handle the burden. If you consistently cut more than 10 or more sheets of paper, it is worth upgrading to the cutter stack. There are a few options available if you are looking into a guillotine cutter stack to replace you.

With a stack paper cutter, you can make clean cuts anywhere 50-700 or more sheets at a time, depending on the model. You can also look for the high quality guillotine sheet cutter to make the tedious-looking job so easy.

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A cutter stacks are also able to do everything you do with your guillotine cutter, including making small narrow cuts with precision. A manual cutter stack similar in operation to the guillotine, and is the most likely choice for someone who wants to upgrade to cut large stacks of paper.

A spring mechanism helps the operator to exert the force required to cut through a thick stack of paper, only to pull the knife arm down through the paper. Cutter electric pile is also available which is even less work to operate. They are usually powered by hydraulics and can therefore be cut through more sheets at once.

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