You may be concerned about possible damage during packaging and shipping – and one of the best consumer shipping products that offer the best protection during shipping are wooden crates.

Choosing the right packaging container is one of the most important decisions in shipping. Timber shipping containers are the most popular. You may buy timber supplies via

The wooden box is considered one of the best packaging materials. They are self-supporting structures that are the best option for shipping a variety of products, be they light, very heavy, or fragile goods.

Crates are large wooden shipping containers that are usually used to transport bulky, heavy, or uncomfortable items. When planning the transport of goods, the shipping company takes into account the type of goods, the cost of transport and the conditions of delivery.

Factors such as durability of materials, environmental friendliness, price of materials and ease of distribution of certain goods influence the selection of packaging materials. Wooden containers can carry a variety of items, are easy to make and only require simple procedures and tools.

The advantages of the wooden box are:

They can be manufactured and repaired on site.

Wooden boxes can be made easily and efficiently to order from decoration or customer specifications.

This wood is relatively resistant to various weather and water (sea) conditions.

Wooden crates provide extra protection and security, an important factor, especially when valuable items and shipping fragile.

Wooden crates are often used for more than one trip and, if arranged properly, with an even weight, can withstand high vertical stresses.

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