When it comes to personalized metal pens, laser engraving is the preferred technique. Because the laser written image cannot be easily removed, it becomes a permanent feature of promotional pens engraved, so make sure that your company name will not be quickly forgotten.

Unlike the other engraving technology, 3d subsurface laser engraving technology does not involve tool bits which contact surface marks and wear over time. In contrast, laser engraving using a laser to etch or mark an image on a substrate.

Art Laser Engraving and Applications For Printed Pens

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Although this method can be very technically complex, it is possible to achieve a clear and precise carving at a high level.

This can be achieved through the use of laser engraving machine, which has three components: the controller which set the pace, intensity, direction, and the spread of the laser beam; laser, which uses the controller to track the image to the substrate; and engraving surface, or substrate.

A predesigned image is uploaded to a computer and then transmitted to the laser engraving machine. Promotion executive pen is loaded onto a conveyor belt, either the robot or by hand, with the engraving surface facing up.

As the conveyor belt feeds through the area engraving pen, a laser beam etches designs into the metal in the movement of the back-and-forth, similar to an inkjet printer. A new pen-customized printed and then packaged in a presentation gift box or tube, ready for delivery to customers.

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