A house is built by hand, but the home is built with heart – so the old saying goes. However, there are so many choices on the floor plans and can be confusing sometimes.

So, an understanding of the different floor plan styles and how they resemble the needs and tastes of the people is an important step in the process of building a house. You can also look for the Ki Residences floor plans while buying a luxury home.

Bungalow floor plans, for example, suit a casual and comfortable lifestyle. It is a popular floor plan across many countries. They are smaller than other modern floor plan.

Colonial floor plans are elegant without being affected. Colonial floor plans introduce symmetry, with doors centered with a sensible array of windows.

The second story is very similar to the main floor in terms of size. They have exterior facing brick or clapboard siding, usually. Contemporary colonial houses will have modern facilities.

Country style floor plans represent classic farmhouses that we have so often seen in the movies. The country house planned in a way to be comfortable.

The country house floor plan provides a rustic and relaxed atmosphere – no matter where it is built. They are characterized by spacious verandas and a large kitchen which is located right next to the family room.

Some of the country house with a steep roof and irregular layout. Still, others have a front face is not symmetrical, pitched roofs and spacious front porch.

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