550 paracord is made of nylon parachute cord kernmantle and most commonly known. The "550" refers to its breaking strength of 550 pounds. It was first used by the US military for not only a parachute, but also in the field to fix the strap teeth, replace damaged bootstraps and cords.

Military-grade paracord 550 consists of a 32-strand braided sheath, with seven 3-strand inner thread. commercial paracord often does not have 7 threads in 2-strand or an inner thread 7 instead of 3 strands. You can use paracord jigs to make many varieties of wire jewelry.

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Because the composition of the nylon cord has some elasticity to it, which can be either beneficial or a hindrance, depending on how it is used. In paracord, the 1970s became a popular material for whip-makers and the remains so today.

Paracord outdoor use by climbers and cavers, in order to save the rope, and by hunters to various straps, pockets, and binding nets. Craftsmen like to use the paracord to make items such as numbers, lanyards, bracelets, belts, trivets, dog collars and leashes, jewelry, key chains, etc.

A popular bracelet for craftsmen and outdoorsmen is a survival bracelet. This bracelet braids a few feet of the cable into a form that can be carried out using knots. bracelets can then be decomposed in an emergency and paracord used for the required purpose, such as hitting the poles together to make a shelter.

Although traditionally paracord is only available in special colors to be used by the military, is now commercially produced in color and pattern are countless, and can be purchased from various online retailers.

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