If you're interested in a unique father's day present, then 3D laser engraved crystal might be the perfect choice for you. Father's are generally fond of electronic gadgets. But if you will find it difficult to find gadgets or your own father has a plethora of gadgets you can't ever go wrong with engraved crystal gifts.

 With 3d laser crystal gift, you also design the engraving inside the crystal. This really is what makes subsurface laser engraving crystals invaluable into the receivers. 

3d laser crystal

To get you started, below are some great crystal designs and some ideas for Father's Day.

3D laser engraved crystals are perfect in showing your respect for your dad. So, honor your daddy together with #1 Dad or Greatest Dad award this daddy's day. This crystal design idea is indeed straightforward but may make a lasting impression to your dad this Father's day. Greatest achievements is a smart design for 3D laser engraved crystal and could do the job perfectly for Father's day. 

Gather all of your dad's greatest achievements as a daddy (i.e. photos of your daddy while shifting your diapers; walking to the park; having fun with you at the playground swing; and so on ). Create an image collage of the photographs and have it engraved in the crystalclear. Actually, the collage alone would make an exceptional present. But with laser engraved crystal, you put in class into your creation which functions as a real honor to your daddy.

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